Sitecore Experience Database launches for "Big Data Marketing"

Major enhancement to the Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM brings unlimited data capacity for real-time customer experience management at global scale

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 30, 2014 – Sitecore, the global leader in customer experience management, today announced early access to the next generation of its experience platform including the Sitecore® Experience DatabaseTM , a highly scalable big data repository that collects and connects actionable customer data to deliver unique customer experiences in real-time. Marketers can view the entire experience of every individual customer that engages with their brand through the Sitecore® Experience ProfileTM, also announced today.

To move beyond digital marketing to owning the whole customer experience, marketers need to know all their customers. “Marketers are severely limited by disconnected technology and fragments of customer knowledge,” said Scott Liewehr, president and principal analyst, Digital Clarity Group. “To win at customer experience, organizations fundamentally need to understand their customers better than anyone else, which means capturing everything they know about that customer and delivering relevant, highly-personal experiences in real-time.”

As consumers demand more relevant interactions with brands, marketers must effectively communicate with customers across web sites, mobile apps, social networks and other channels in real-time. The influx of massive amounts of data gives marketers the ability to deliver more human, personalized experiences to customers, and to create and deliver engaging content through the most relevant channel. However, that data has typically existed within multiple databases in siloed systems making it difficult to analyze, and the sheer volume of marketing data alone poses a major challenge to both marketing and IT.

“To really own the experience, marketers need to know every customer and need to use that knowledge to shape every brand experience in real-time,” said Michael Seifert, founder and CEO, Sitecore. “From day one, we have been building out the Sitecore Experience Platform so that every channel interaction, every bit of customer insight, every automation, works together so that marketers can drive a seamless real-time experience for customers. The Sitecore Experience Database removes any limits marketers and IT face when working with previously disconnected data.”

Marketers now have limitless data capacity to gather and manage information from every experience channel, for all visitors and customers. Built on MongoDB®,and made available on the Microsoft® Azure® , the Sitecore Experience Database integrates seamlessly with the newly-named Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM, (formerly Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform) collecting all online and offline experience data, from every customer interaction as it happens in the moment. The Sitecore Experience Database connects that data to a unique, individual person, enabling marketers to deliver authentic, conversational experiences in real time.

Marketers need to unlock big data to provide a complete view of each individual that engages with their brand. “With the launch of, we used our CRM system to offer a base level of personalization for our customers. However, we are finding significant limitations as we want to deliver and more relevant personalization," stated Linda Baker, Chief Technology Officer, The Wyanoke Group, which is participating in the early access program. “With the Sitecore Experience Database, we will be able to build truly relevant and personalized experiences for our customers, in order to achieve deeper engagement on our site.”

Other key benefits include:

  • Scalability and performance: NoSQL MongoDB is uniquely suited to support high volumes of data at blinding speeds and has unlimited flexibility in the type of information that can be captured and stored, enabling the Sitecore Experience Database to scale effortlessly as the volume of experience data grows, and run at the pace of real-world conversations.
  • Flexibility and fast deployment: With a flexible data model, the Sitecore Experience Database can run either on premise or in the cloud. Sitecore harnesses the power of Microsoft® Azure® to deliver its cloud offerings, ensuring global, scalable high availability for its customers.
  • Native platform: The Sitecore Experience Database connects seamlessly with the Sitecore Experience Platform, providing a single source of customer intelligence that can power every interaction across every channel in real-time.
  • Global capacity: For leading brands operating around the world, Sitecore delivers massive global data scale, combined with localized experience delivery.

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Pricing and Availability Sitecore Experience Database is available to existing Sitecore customers in a managed early access program, available on-premise or in the cloud. Interested Sitecore customers should contact their account managers

About Sitecore Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. The company delivers highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, build loyalty and drive revenue. With Sitecore’s experience platform, marketers can own the experience of every customer that engages with their brand, across every channel. More than 3,500 of the world’s leading brands – including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, Heineken and L'Oréal SA – trust Sitecore to help them deliver the meaningful interactions that win customers for life.