Serendipity: Customizable Plugin Sidebar locations

Serendipity's own Garvin has some helpful hints. While only those using the blogging application Serendipity will likely only have interest in this post, I thought I would post it up front anyway. There have not been a huge amount of real news from the various blogging applications except for a couple exceptions. Regardless, I like to promote blogging applications as much as I can.

While blogs are really just a subset of content management systems (CMS), they have played a significant role in getting people comfortable to using a modern CMS to drive their Websites. Let's face it, many of us really would not have trusted a database to manage our Web sites and replace our trusty HTML files until we saw how blogs worked. We owe a lot to blogging applications such as Wordpress, Serendipity, and Nucleus.

So with no more delay here is an excerpt regarding one of our favorite blogging applications:

For ages, Serendipity has given users the flexibility to move around plugins in the left/right sidebar. Two sidebars were a usual concept for blogs in the days past, and for surely some more days to come.

But some themes, like the Hemingway theme give people a different approach to surrounding their blog content. The result of a porting discussion on the forums lead me to patch our plugin API.

Serendipity 1.1 already support custom theme options (like special navigation bars, colorsets etc.), and what came out of my recent patch is the functionality to define multiple custom sidebars.

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