SearchYourCloud Leads Advanced Search Results with Latest Patent

De-duplication delivers accurate, single search result set, eliminating need for multiple queries

SearchYourCloud (SYC), provider of real-time federated search for enterprise, today announces it has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the sorting and de-duplication of a search query from multiple sources into a single search result. SYC’s new patent specifically allows for a search engine to receive multiple search results from one search query, process the input and remove duplicate results to generate one set of results for the user.

SYC is the only search provider to receive such a patent and now leads the market in advanced federated search results that can’t be duplicated by another search provider. The newly awarded patent combines with SYC’s 2013 Improved Search Engine patent, covering advanced search phrase terms, to create a unique approach to federated search. This capability is especially beneficial to enterprises searching for documents across cloud, desktops and multiple applications, as well as enterprises aggregating results from multiple sources for comparison of results.

This was the first patent related to search granted in five years, despite the increasing demand for a search tool that delivers results quickly no matter where the information is located. Companies are being forced to consider how data is being stored, accessed and shared in the cloud and across desktop and mobile devices, which results in loss of productivity. With SearchYourCloud, a single advanced full-text federated-search query seeks the exact phrase, the words in any order, and related terms within documents and delivers a single, accurate result, which saves time and effort.

“Companies have lost trust in search. Findability is suspect due to clunky methodologies designed for a different era,” notes George O Connor, software analyst at Panmure Gordon. “Data governance officers are paranoid knowing that their single version of the truth is compromised by having the same data in many different systems in different guises. SYCs patent is a giant leap forward for enterprise productivity, compliance and trust. Goodbye clunky, hello peace of mind.”

“We are reinventing search for enterprises, all of whom are drowning in data. Search is really all about find – finding the data you need, at the moment you need it, and bringing into a single view, where it can be used efficiently to get a job done," says Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud. “The SYC solution delivers an improved user experience for business-critical applications, while dramatically improving enterprise productivity.”

Based on SYC’s ability to help businesses increase productivity workflow within a mobile environment through its indexed search capabilities, demand for SYC’s solution is ramping rapidly. SYC has recently partnered with Highland Martin, a nationally known Microsoft Gold Partner reseller and has an OEM agreement with SAP, integrating its patented secure federated search application into its SAP HANA® Cloud Platform in-memory database for real-time analysis and dramatically accelerated business process.

The SYC enhanced search application is available for immediate download on its website through the SAP Store at