Rivet Logic Provides Plug-Ins for Integrating Liferay Portal and Crafter CMS

Rivet Logic Corporation, a leading consulting and systems integration firm, announced today the availability of two plug-ins to integrate Liferay Portal and Crafter CMS. The plug-ins seamlessly integrate Liferay with Crafter and are designed to enable the creation of rich digital experiences that improve customer and employee engagement.

Crafter Software“As a premier consulting and implementation services partner of both Liferay and Crafter Software, Rivet Logic is uniquely positioned to offer this integration to our enterprise customers, and to the Liferay and Crafter open source communities as well,” said Alaaeldin El-Nattar, Executive Vice President of Client Services at Rivet Logic.

Through the Crafter Engine plug-in, content published from Crafter CMS is rendered in Liferay Portal, similar to any other content delivery channel. Liferay content managers maintain complete control of the look and feel, with the ability to use Liferay’s native templates and themes for content rendering. This integration enables organizations that are using Crafter to seamlessly publish content to any Liferay-based application including enterprise intranets, extranets, customer portals and social communities.

LiferayThe Crafter Social plug-in provides enhanced social commenting for Liferay Portal, enabling conversations on pages, portlets, or even content within a portlet. This unique approach to social commenting enables a far richer experience for Liferay users, and a powerful tool for Liferay developers to create next generation social applications. Powered by MongoDB, the leading open source NoSQL database, Crafter Social offers a highly scalable, multi-tenant social content repository that supports all types of user-generated content, making it ideal for use cases ranging from social commenting on individual websites to large-scale, real-time conversations and live blogging across the entire Web.

“In today’s era of customer and employee engagement, digital experiences must span across all online channels,” said Alaaeldin El-Nattar, Executive Vice President of Client Services at Rivet Logic. “This integration is helping our enterprise customers create new and innovative digital experiences that foster deeper relationships with all their stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and more.”

The Crafter plug-ins for Liferay are available from Rivet Logic as free and open source software, released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.