Packt Publishing: The top five content management systems

Packt Publishing announced the top five content management systems (CMS) nominated for their Open Source Content Management System Award. The top CMS eligible for the award in alphabetical order (not in order by most nominations) are:

  • Drupal
  • e107
  • Joomla
  • Plone
  • Xoops

The names of the top five public nominations will now be reviewed and judged by three industrial leaders and "a final fourth vote will come from the results of a public vote on" The first place winner will be awarded $5000, the second place winner will get $3000 and third place winner will receive $2000. The judges on the panel include Scott Goodwin from the Open Source Collective, Lenz Grimmer from MySQL, and Nathan Gervais, Eclipse Foundation.

The winners are expected to be announced by Packt on November 14, 2006. For additional information you can visit Packt's award page.

Correction: Modified my original post. Apparently, there are four judges to vote in the finals. If I'm reading the rules correctly, the four judges include not only the three industry leaders but also another vote by the public. If this is true and there are four judges...what happens if there is a tie?