My 1.5 seconds of fame on CMS Connected

With a smile on his face, Scott Liewehr sent me a tweet the other day letting me know that he briefly plugged my name while co-hosting CMS-Connected. CMS-Connected is a 60-minute monthly news show, streamed live on the TPN Network with a focus on the web content management industry and includes CMS related news and commentary from leading CMS expert analysts and participating guests. It's a very good video production and well worth your viewing time if you have any interest in content management.

My "plug" on CMS-Connected can be found about 41 minutes and 30 seconds into the January show, Web CMS Industry 2011 Year In Review. This video also includes host Tyler Pyburn and Seth Gottlieb as guest. The inside joke is that Scott didn't intend to mention my name, but was referring to Acquia's VP of Marketing, Bryan House. I've met Bryan a few times and lets just say he deserves better recognition than to be confused with me. Luckily, Scott caught himself and it didn't take him long to give Mr. House his proper dues.

My 1.5 seconds of fame put a smile on my face because it is a reminder to me that people with a passion for content management are drawn together for a reason. I've always said that a content management system is more than a product. If you don't get that a CMS is also about people, business, and information systems you'll never understand the power of a CMS. People like Scott Liewehr and Deane Barker get this.

If you want to get to know some of the people involved in the content management industry, I'd encourage you to do yourself a favor and stay tuned to future shows presented by CMS-Connected. So ends here my 300-word plug of this show for my 1.5 seconds of fame.