sports a new look

William Shatner as Denny CraneJust saw a post from Joe Audette that has a new look. A Jasmin Savard created the new theme (skin). We agree with Audette, the old theme was showing its age and we wish mojoPortal the best of luck on its new look.

mojoPortal is one of the few non-PHP CMS that we keep on our radar scope. mojoPortal is written in C# and runs under ASP.NET on Windows or under mono on Linux or Mac.

Evidently there is a hunger for an open source CMS with roots in Microsoft applications because we always draw a large crowd here when we mention mojoPortal. Mentioning mojoPortal here is a lot like mentioning "Denny Crane", William Shatner's character on the show Boston Legal.

Watch this...mojoPortal. See new visitors keep coming every time I mention the name! By the way, to mojoPortal fans...welcome to CMS Report.