The developers of mojoPortal have recently released a new version of their CMS, mojoPortal Some of the new features include:

  • A new Flickr Gallery feature
  • A new User Sign In Module that can be put on a content page such as the home page
  • A new scroller setting in the Feed Manager to enable a scrolling news ticker
  • Some improvements to the List/Links feature including a new introduction that can be used to place html above the list and a new option for non-ajax paging
  • Database authentication and LDAP - a new config setting for fallback to LDAP if database authentication fails. This allows scenarios where your internal users such as content authors can login with their LDAP credentials while still allowing public users to register and sign in with database credentials.
  • A new option to disable CSS caching while designing by clicking a button that sets a cookie to disable it. The previous way of of disabling it from config still works but this new way may be more convenient. You will find the button under Administration > Advanced Tools > Designer Tools
  • Upgraded to CKeditor 3.4.2
  • Updated Italian resources
  • Bug fixes for things reported in the forums since the previous release including several fixes in the SQL CE data layer and the Firebird data layer.

The latest version of mojoPortal is available on the site's download page.

[Source: mojoPortal Blog]