mojoPortal Released

The latest version of mojoPortal focuses on improvements to the Newsletter as well as some upgrades for rich text editors and search engine optimizations (SEO).

mojoPortal improves the Newsletter feature as follows:

  • Users can subscribe to Newsletters without registering on the site.
  • A Newsletter Sign Up feature has been implemented so that you can put it on any page(s) you like and configure it with various settings to control what is displayed.
  • Each newsletter can be configured whether to opt in by default when a user registers on the site.
  • Each newsletter can be configured whether to allow viewing previous editions as a web page. If your newsletter has compelling content, browsing previous newsletters may encourage more subscriptions.
  • A progress bar so you can monitor progress as the newsletter is sent to the list.

The additional improvements for the editors, SEO, and additional features includes:

  • Rich Text Editors upgrades to TinyMCE 3.2.7, FCKeditor 2.6.5, and CKeditor 3.0.1
  • SEO Improvements includes an an option in page settings for overriding the canonical url. This is mainly for use on your home page. Added a separate setting in page settings for including a page in the search engine site map where you can easily exclude pages from the search engine site map if they are just pointers to external pages.
  • Updated translations for Italian and Persian.
  • New translation for French-Canadian.
  • The addition of a new setting under Site Settings > Permissions for "Users that can create root level pages".

Be sure to check out the release announcement for additional details about mojoPortal