Mobile Ticketing App: The Future Of Smart Travel Transportation

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Mobile Ticketing App: The Future Of Smart Travel Transportation

Mon, 12/09/2019 - 06:18

Before getting into the intricacies of the topic, let me ask you a question. How far is your phone at this very moment? I’m sure it is somewhere within your reach. Or more than likely, you must be reading this blog on your phone. Most probably it’s the latter.

For most of us, smartphones are an inseparable part of their daily lives. Well, why shouldn’t it be? Smartphones are helping us with a great significance as an interactive technology medium in every routine activity. This trend has also taken a strong foothold in the transport industry. The mobile ticket booking solutions are providing more convenient ways for passengers to pay and travel. These smart solutions work as a single point of contact for all the transit mediums providing more capacity, better revenue and enhanced personalized journeys. 

With the advent of technology, the busy lifestyle of people does not let them think of going to the booking counter, stand in long queues and wait for a long time to get the tickets for their trip. Commuting is a usual practice that unites people and plays a crucial part whether it is for a job, dropping kids to their schools, or going to classes. It also includes traveling across the cities or countries. Everyone is looking for an integrated solution that fulfills their daily requirements with every swipe. This requirement has given rise to mobile ticketing solution. 

The mobile ticketing system has gained the trust of daily commuters in a very short span and has turned into a most reliable ticketing system with its smart approach. It allows the user to select their time & place and confirm an order for a multiple number of tickets with the option of online payment. 

From providing the convenience to regulating the entire process, a mobile ticket booking app can assist the business owners to get complete control over their ticket booking business. 

Mobile Ticketing For Public & Private Transport

Currently, mobile ticket systems are obtaining a large number of overall digital ticket sales in the transport sector. However, metro, bus, taxi, and airline ticketing software are in high demand and have established solutions in terms of user adoption, reliability & deployment, trailed by event ticketing. 

Mobile ticketing is simply making your phone a ticket machine, right into your pocket. This eliminates the need for users to carry bills or wait in a long queue to purchase a ticket. With a large scale adoption of mobile ticketing solutions, transport authorities and operators around the globe have succeeded in diminishing the fare collection cost, increasing data insights, and rapidly deployed innovation to their organizations.

Why One Should Use The Mobile Ticketing App? 

Mobile ticketing app comes with a set of benefits for the passengers traveling frequently to different cities or countries or daily commuting to work.  Let’s have a glimpse over the key reasons for using the mobile ticketing:

  • Effective And Efficient Process:
    Effective and efficient process of mobile ticketing system benefits daily passengers and the ones who are planning or scheduling trips frequently.
  • Growing Demand:
    With the top-notch and updated features the software provides, it has been a steady growth in the number of commuters looking for a mobile ticketing platform to reserve their online tickets.

The Benefits Of Mobile Ticketing 

  • Passenger Satisfaction

    Commuters love using mobile ticketing. As they can avoid standing in line at the booking counter or ticket machine. They can just use their phone anytime, anywhere and purchase their tickets with just a tap and take a ride.

  • Faster Time-to-market

    Another advantage of using a mobile ticketing platform is a faster time-to-market. The required step is for users to download the mobile ticketing application in contrast to, let’s say, travel smart cards that need more time and effort to be made available for use. 

  • Reduced Boarding Time

    One of the key advantages of a mobile ticketing system is reduced boarding time. Commuters save a lot of time with mobile ticketing app and experience lower stress levels. One of the leading bus operators from the UK, First Bus conducted an experiment to analyze the boarding time difference between manual ticket booking and m-ticket booking. This experiment showed some fascinating results as boarding 25 passengers with m-tickets took almost 75% less time than boarding the same number of passengers with a manual ticket system.

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