Mobile applications: What is the age of mobile-ready to surprise us with?

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Mobile applications: What is the age of mobile-ready to surprise us with?

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 06:23
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A recent survey by SurveyMonkey pointed to a long-noticeable jump in the popularity of mobile applications in comparison with familiar websites. Stunning 962.5% - this is the result of the transformation of 8 billion invested in the industry into 77 billion. With a high probability, by the end of 2020, this figure will exceed 100+ billion. Already, iTunes and the Google Play Store are offering us to install 4.3 million applications, and this is not the limit - the number of mobile clients continues to grow exponentially.

However, the requirements for applications do not remain the same, they are also growing - the sophistication of the user requires the introduction of the latest technologies. Let's talk about mobile development trends in 2019 - which will help guide business development in step with the times, trends, and user expectations.

Enterprise Applications

Statistics say that every second company in the world uses corporate applications to set up internal workflows. Hybrid development technologies will make applications more necessary. The 2019 top tools are Angular JS, Ionic, Sencha Touch, and PhoneGap especially if you are working on a hybrid application project using the Agile methodology. Note that the growing popularity of hybrid technologies is associated with the BYOD trend (Bring Your Device) - it is forecasted that such a practice will increase the demand for enterprise applications by 5 times. Well, let's see at the end of 2019 whether this is so.

Cloud Future

It has been repeatedly mentioned that three-quarters of smartphone users around the world prefer to install applications with reliable "cloud" support for its server-side. And there is a reason for this - for sure, each of us has already appreciated the advantages of entering the application from different devices with saving data. Cloud systems simplify data integration and synchronization with gadgets in which the application is logged in from one profile. Also, cloud technologies can reduce the overall development cycle of a mobile application, increasing the average time to market for a product.

Watch out for amateurs

You have probably noticed that the total number of professional mobile app developers is inferior to the number of mobile application projects. Today, all the necessary skills easily make up for DIY tools and techniques that are popular among amateurs. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) development is becoming more accessible than ever. Now a person who does not know anything about programming can develop an application with simple functionality. Looking for professional developers to create a business tool? Beware of amateur app developers.

The Internet of Things is at its peak

The world continues to enthusiastically reap the benefits of the IoT industry, so analysts expect a twofold increase in niche projects in the next years. Mobile app developers are already working hard to create applications based on the functionality of smart device sensors that safely transmit personal information on the network.

More security

The number of security attacks is growing in parallel with the mobile application industry. Already, the two-factor user authentication component is widely used in mobile banking. The built-in protection functionality on both Android and Apple smartphones is getting stronger. At the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), it was mentioned that by January 1, for all iOS applications, App Transport Security (ATS), the component will become a masthead. Also, mobile app developers in new applications are already implementing stronger coding of information. Security Android platforms are also waiting for change. To summarize, we can say that the security of the application will be in the center of attention of all the starters working on its creation.

GPS Applications

The recent Pokemon Go boom has proven that an AR add-on will never be out of place. Already today, app developers have noticed a high demand for projects with a navigator function. GPS will become a convenient tool in the industries of automation, trade, and, of course, IoT. Also, developers of 3D games should think about this component to maximize the involvement of their target audience.

All the same messengers

Despite the wide selection of messenger applications available on the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, smartphone users with the same curiosity continue to install new apps. For comparison: Facebook messenger is still one of the most popular applications in the United States, and WeChat has already been installed by more than 500 million users. Therefore, in 2019 we expect even more chat applications loaded in the market with unique sets of functions.

Mobile payment

Apple Pay and Google Wallet gave a powerful impetus to the development of NFC-payment. According to estimates, by the end of 2019, the number of custom software that implements protective mechanisms for successful mobile payment will increase. A mobile transaction is expected to account for 50% of the total number of transactions conducted on the internet.

The last few years have determined the convenience of using a mobile application in many industries - agricultural, industrial, transport, etc. In conclusion, it is worth noting that 2019 will be a landmark for mobile developers - today the ability to adapt, analyze and innovate is valued. If you have an idea for a mobile application - implement it now to break into the era of mobile with a high-quality and mass-adapted product.

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