Mistakes to Avoid with Your Social Media Marketing

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Mistakes to Avoid with Your Social Media Marketing

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 04:44
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Developing a social media strategy that will bring you closer to your target audience and help you promote your company.

Social media platforms have drastically evolved in the past few years. Nowadays, these networks accommodate over 2.8 billion people. For modern businesses that are looking to build their presence and promote themselves to their target audience, social media is the best place to accomplish that. The main reason is that social media allows various companies to actively engage with their potential customers and build relationships with them over time, by publishing content, engaging in meaningful conversations, offering personalized offers and so on.

Not only that, but social media is also quite business friendly, allowing companies to promote themselves either organically or via paid ads. However, not all businesses are effectively leveraging social media to build their presence and reputation. Developing a social media marketing strategy that will yield the best results requires good planning, extensive research and a lot of effort. Therefore, here are a few mistakes to avoid with your social media marketing.

Neglecting research

Many businesses oftentimes skip market research altogether. When developing a social media marketing strategy, you'll simply fail if you neglect proper research. The main reason is that you have to tailor your messages to your target audience the right way and create an approach that will be the most impactful. You can't do that if you don't know to whom you're marketing. In other words, promoting your business on social media just because you can doesn't mean it will have the desired results.

Research helps you identify your target audience, who they are, what they like and which trends they follow. What's more, it helps you identify which social media network your target audience inhabits the most. In addition, each social network fosters unique user behavior and trends, which means you must develop the right approach for every network your audience is active on. Otherwise, you're just risking bad publicity and a ruined reputation.

Building presence everywhere

There are a lot of various social media networks these days. However, just because there are so many different networks, it doesn't mean you have to build your presence on each and every one of them. For example, if your target audience is primarily on LinkedIn and Facebook, you have no reason to build your presence on Snapchat.

In other words, building your presence on networks where your audience isn't present will take too much time, effort and resources. What's more, it won't yield any results and it definitely won't bring any benefits to your business either. You'll waste valuable time and resources that you could've spent to improve marketing campaigns on networks that actually matter for your business.

Failing to communicate

What most businesses tend to overlook is that social media marketing campaigns are based on a two-way communication between companies and consumers. If you fail to communicate with your audience, they simply won't engage with your brand. That means you won't generate any leads or any traffic to your website from social media promotions. Communication builds trust and good relationships over time.

That way, your target audience can familiarize themselves with your company and become more willing to engage with your content, promotions and offers. If you want to appeal more to your customers on social media, don't be afraid to ask them for feedback. You can also offer an incentive by asking them to fill out paid surveys online. That way, they'll have something of value to gain in exchange for providing you with valuable feedback. That strategy can help you improve your efforts and communication approach, while it will show your audience that you value their opinions.

Bad content strategy

Content is the key when it comes to driving customer engagement and loyalty. Your content gives the audience something of value that's relevant, informative and entertaining. However, a bad content strategy can have an opposite effect as well. If the content you develop and provide to your audience isn't relevant or lacks quality, you can be sure that your potential customers are more likely to become enraged than engaged.

Social media is cluttered with content provided by other companies, which includes your competitors as well. If your content doesn't stand out and effectively delivers value to consumers, you'll greatly fall behind with your social media campaign. Try making your content top quality by enriching it with awesome visuals. In fact, visuals can generate up to 94% more views for your content posts. In addition, great visual content can boost consumer engagement by 37% and have more chances of going viral over social media.

Relying on automation too much

Marketing automation has in many ways helped businesses manage their repetitive and mundane tasks. When your social following grows too big, it becomes quite difficult to respond to every comment, question and post. Many businesses leverage various tools to automate social media posts, replies and other activities. This saves time and resources, but remember that social media requires social interactions. That means that you have to respond in person every now and then.

When people see that you're using automation most of the time, they perceive it as a lack of dedication to communicate with them. Using automation is good, but make sure you develop a strategy where you'll respond personally to important questions and customer feedback, so that you can maintain the relationships you've worked so hard to build in the first place.

Developing a strategy that will bring you closer to your target audience and help you effectively promote your company demands good planning and a lot of effort. If you do your research right and do your best to appeal to your potential customers, your social media marketing strategy will help you achieve business success more easily.