Magnolia Conference coming to Silicon Valley, May 5-7, 2015

A couple years ago, Switzerland-based Magnolia set its sights on North America as a way to increase its global growth. To continue the effort, Magnolia has redesigned its annual conference to accommodate growth, support its thriving U.S. presence and increase opportunities for clients, partners and prospective users.

This year, Magnolia will host its conference in Basel, Switzerland, as well as in Silicon Valley for the first time. At the U.S. edition of the conference, Atlassian, Barclays Bank Delaware, VSP Global and others will be sharing their experiences of building highly scalable systems to support their digital business initiatives. On the European side, Virgin Holidays will head up the digital business track. The expansion highlights Magnolia’s steady growth, which includes a strong increase in global license sales and a 30% increase in employees.

Magnolia’s 2014 conference in Switzerland attracted more than 250 Magnolia developers, users and partners. This year, the company expects 300 people to attend the sixth European Magnolia conference on June 9 - 11 in the Pathé Küchlin Cinema, Basel, Switzerland. The Magnolia Conference Americas will take place in Silicon Valley, California on May 5 - 7, 2015. Registration is now open.

In a recent announcement,  Pascal Mangold, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Magnolia stated:

The conference creates an open and interactive environment where attendees can meet customers, partners and Magnolia employees to discover more about real life implementations. For participants, it’s an opportunity both to learn from best practices and to get ideas for building and developing their own digital business platforms, while for Magnolia, it’s another opportunity for us to listen to our customers.

The conferences combine practical hands-on workshops, digital business case studies and technical presentations to enable attendees to further develop their Magnolia expertise while keeping up with key trends and industry best practices. Both conferences include a full day of hands-on workshops while the Basel event also includes an unconference, where participants can share experiences and learnings in a dynamic setting.

The digital business track focuses on innovators as well as leading brands, and presents marketing participants with the opportunity to learn how to strengthen their digital presence. At the U.S. conference, Atlassian, the creator of JIRA and Confluence, will share experiences of building a modern front-end development workflow with Magnolia, while Barclays Bank Delaware will showcase the consumer-friendly tools it uses on its Magnolia-managed site. At the Basel conference, Virgin Holidays will present their Magnolia projects in the digital business track.

Boris Kraft, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Magnolia, has his own take on the importance of this conference for Magnolia and Magnolia's customers.

A constantly evolving digital landscape is forcing companies to adopt increasingly flexible content management tactics and strategies. The Magnolia conference brings together leading players from content management, providing a dynamic arena for learning about product updates and best practices. This year, one of our key topics will be the Internet of Things, and how to leverage its potential in digital marketing strategies.

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