Magnolia CMS extends Customer Experience Management in 5.3 Version

Magnolia lets companies easily deliver engaging, personalized web experiences

Basel, Switzerland, 24 June 2014 – Magnolia International has released the 5.3 version of its award winning web content management (WCM) platform. This release focuses on building personalized online experiences, enhancing collaboration for content publishers and quickly integrating with enterprise data sources.

Magnolia now delivers all core functionality through a series of task-focused apps. The 5.3 release includes a number of new apps for content personalization and marketing tag management. This latest version of the CMS also opens up the overall Magnolia App framework to simplify the integration of third-party software, devices and external data sources.

Magnolia 5.3 was inspired by the changing needs of customers to provide more targeted web experiences that leverage existing repositories of enterprise data.

“Creating better brand experiences is about taking the best tools and the data collected from them to quickly deliver new and personalized customer interactions” explains Boris Kraft, Magnolia Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer. “The innovation in this release has been driven by our customers and their need to track, enhance and organize every online interaction through a simple-to-use content management system.”

The new features announced today include:

1. Personalization and Targeting

Screenshot of Magnolia 5.3

The rich personalization tools included with Magnolia CMS 5.3 make it fast and easy for companies to segment their online audience. Content can be personalized and targeted to the needs and driven by the behavior of each individual site visitor.

Personalized experiences are created and managed with a suite of easy-to-use apps. There are individual apps to create content variations and for marketing segmentation of visitor groups, developing personas and previewing content for different personas. For developers, the highly modular system simplifies integration of external software and services, allowing them to hook into different stages of the personalization process.

2. Magnolia Tag Manager

Marketing organizations are constantly evaluating and replacing tools for capturing and enhancing website visitor data. With Magnolia 5.3, the Magnolia Tag Manager allows marketing teams to add, manage and remove tags for web analytics, marketing automation and social listening tools in seconds with a single intuitive interface. Non-technical users can quickly see all marketing tags in a single view and quickly add tags to hundreds or thousands of pages from tools such as Eloqua, Marketo, Optimizely, LeadLander, ParDot, HubSpot, Omniture and more.

3. Expanded Enterprise Integration

Content Connector for Enterprise Integration

Magnolia 5.3 has dramatically simplified the integration of third-party data, software and services across the entire content management system using Content Connectors. With Content Connectors, developers can now build Magnolia apps with the same great user experience as native apps, and quickly interact with any external data source while users manage the content in a familiar way.

All native Magnolia content apps in community and enterprise editions are updated to use the new content connector automatically. Magnolia 5.3 also introduces an improved DAM API making it possible to plug in external asset providers such as Flickr, YouTube or a file system, and integrate the DAM with WebDav and CMIS.

4. Magnolia AppFinder

Magnolia now provides a centralized repository for Magnolia approved applications, modules, source code and partner contributions. The Magnolia AppFinder is available to all customers and community contributors though the Magnolia App Finder.

5. Collaborative Task Management

Magnolia 5.3 introduces of a new system for tasks and workflow for enhanced multi-user collaboration. Using the Pulse, updates on content status, comments, requests and warnings, as well as statistics and analytics are provided in a centralized dashboard. Tasks can now be assigned to individuals or groups, with the ability to monitor who has taken ownership of a task and to track its status. This capability makes it faster and simpler for administrators to create new custom processes and enforce distributed content authoring workflows.

“Magnolia has doubled its revenue in approximately 2 years. This is a direct result of our dedicated partners and our passion to deliver a product that outpaces the innovation in the content management industry” says Pascal Mangold, Chief Executive Officer of Magnolia International. “Our partner ecosystem exceeds over 100M+ USD in successful consulting relationships for Magnolia implementations and we are actively expanding our network in the United States and China.”

Magnolia 5.3 is available for download now through

About Magnolia

Magnolia is an open Java CMS that delivers smartphone simplicity on an enterprise-scale. The mobile-inspired HTML5 user interface works through customizable, task-focused Apps, a notification stream called the Pulse, and a system of Favorites for quickly accessing the workspace. Magnolia CMS allows organizations to orchestrate online services, sales and marketing across all digital channels, maximizing the impact of every touchpoint.

Magnolia CMS enterprise customers include: Abbott Diabetes Care, Al Arabiya, Allianz, Atlassian, DFAS, EADS, Generali Group, ING Bank, Foxtel, Michelin, Migros, Pirelli, Sony, TeliaSonera and US Navy. Magnolia is used in more than 100 countries across the world by governments and leading FORTUNE 500 enterprises.

Magnolia International Ltd. is the creator of both the Open Source Community Edition and Enterprise Licensed Editions of the Magnolia CMS. Full global service, support, implementation, consulting and training for enterprise clients are delivered by Magnolia in collaboration with its international network of qualified partners.