Magnolia 5.4 hopes to become the "Quicker and Easier" CMS

Magnolia this week announced the release of Magnolia 5.4. According to Magnolia, the latest release of their CMS makes it quicker and easier to develop web, mobile and IoT projects. By giving front-end developers more power, Magnolia's goal is to give the ability for companies to embrace bi-modal IT. In other words, giving development users the agility to adapt and change technologies quickly without disrupting their essential systems.

Magnolia, has always attempted to make content management fast and easy, but the new focus on front-end development allows companies to innovate quickly in the fast changing fields of customer experience and mobile app development, while also maintaining a secure and stable backend. According to Philipp Bärfuss, Magnolia's CTO:

Magnolia 5.4 is a significant step forward for developers because of the increased capabilities and agility it enables. The result is improved collaboration among teams and faster work with less input. The new release significantly lowers the entry barrier for developers, who are now able to configure by file and use light java-free modules, in addition to having access to a powerful and easy-to-use templating kit. This makes Magnolia much more accessible.

Key features of the new release include hooks to easily integrate modern front-end frameworks (such as AngularJS and Bootstrap), light modules built with configuration instead of Java, a streamlined development workflow and a simplified set of templates that make developing faster. Front end developers can learn the basics of Magnolia templating in an hour and build a website in a day, leveraging their existing tools and skill set.

Another key element of the latest Enterprise release is the Campaign Publisher module, which enables campaign managers to manage all content and assets from a marketing campaign in one single place. This allows campaign managers to ensure that even large numbers of campaign elements stay together and go live when they should.

Release notes and additional details are available through the Magnolia Documentation Website. Included in the notes are also instructions for how to upgrade earlier versions of your Magnolia CMS to version 5.4.