Kentico 8.1 Connects with SharePoint, LinkedIn, and Store Managers

This week, Kentico Software announced the release of Kentico 8.1. According to the company, Kentico 8.1 features a variety of new enhancements that bring greater website performance and ease of use to the digital marketing activities of today’s digital agencies and professional marketers. With new “Buy X, get Y” discount capabilities, Kentico 8.1 promises to offer customers new ways to maximize their online sales.

With advanced personalization, segmentation and other capabilities, Kentico allows users to manage all their digital marketing efforts in a unified way across all their marketing tools from a single environment that can easily integrate with real-time CRM and ERP data for the highest level of personalization. Kentico 8.1 includes all the components for integrated marketing efforts online, including Web Content Management, E-commerce, Online Marketing, Online Communities, Intranet, and Collaboration.

Buy X, Get Y

The latest enhancements include: 

  • 'Buy X, Get Y’ discount capabilities: Allows store managers to configure their cross-selling promotions in a more sophisticated way, e.g. “Buy any 3 blouses, get the cheapest for free!
  • Live tiles and dashboard improvements: Allows Kentico users to easily populate their dashboard with frequently used applications. Many will display such real-time data as “number of running order discounts."
  • LinkedIn integration: Allows marketers to manage their LinkedIn company profiles directly from Kentico. Includes the ability to use automated workflow for content publishing on LinkedIn.
  • Online Marketing performance improvements: Lowers the performance footprint of Kentico Online Marketing modules, such as Contact Groups and Scoring, to bring higher website performance, including faster response times and ability to handle more peak traffic.
  • SharePoint integration improvements: Brings support for the latest SharePoint versions including SharePoint Online and other improvements, such as the ability to set up multiple SharePoint connections for the same Kentico site. 



Kentico SharePoint Integration 

“Successful digital marketing often comes down to speed and performance, and Kentico 8.1’s new features and capabilities allow both digital marketers and their websites to work faster and better than ever before,” said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas. “With Kentico 8.1 also comes greater flexibility that allows our customers to promote and cross-sell their products with even more granularity and personalization for more revenue-generating sales.”

Kentico supports all the latest Microsoft technologies, including Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1 and Windows Azure SDK 2.2. More on Kentico 8.1’s new features and capabilities can be found on Kentico’s website.

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