Jadu helps Norgren connect global to local

Robust multilingual web CMS helps global businesses optimize local content, improve search results

CHICAGO, IL - With more than 30 websites covering 75 countries, in 25 languages, some sites as old as 10 years, Norgren, Inc., a world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control, had an online problem. From a marketing point of view they needed a suite of fresh-looking, informative, easy-to-navigate websites. From a business point of view, they needed a timely, localized way to present specific content to multiple industries and multiple markets in multiple languages while maintaining a consistent corporate brand.

Norgren found the solution they needed in Jadu Inc., a global web content management, forms, portal and mobile products company. Jadu worked with Norgren, learning about their business, customers, ethos and desired results. Based on a design-once-deploy-many strategy, Jadu then developed a solution using Jadu CMS and its innovative Jadu Galaxies international language pack feature.

The new Jadu CMS system used by Norgren is a highly sophisticated, simple-to-use, multilingual content management system that allows the fast creation, publication, management, analysis and control of content on both external websites and employee intranets.

While development was spearheaded in the U.K., Norgren communications experts around the world were enlisted. A corporate website and country and industry sites were launched in early 2012 at www.norgren.com. The scalable Jadu platform makes it simple to add new sites and features so the Norgren presence will continue to develop along with the pace of technology.

Jadu CMS is designed to be easy to use for people with no technical skills. All local content is created and published by Norgren employees around the world. This means they can create content directly relevant to their country, culture, community and customers. “You don’t have to be a coder to update the website,” said Ryan Sullivan, E-Marketing Coordinator for Norgren Americas. “It’s extremely simple to use and it makes you look like an experienced programmer.”

“The Norgren sites now use responsive web design (RWD) and will display on any mobile and tablet device in a way that is optimized and user friendly.” Says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu. “Norgren now has a cutting edge global web presence to match its cutting edge products and brand.”

In addition, because each Norgren website has its own domain name, Google search results are automatically optimized for each country. Google have recently announced their support for responsive web design as the standard for device optimized content delivery.

“I’m extremely pleased with the results,” said Ciaran Crowley, General Manager of Norgren Express. “In the space of a few months of focused work we have built 30 websites in 25 languages. This, combined with work done in Norgren to develop 20 transactional web stores, means we have transformed our global web presence in the space of 18 months. Jadu is a responsive, proactive partner who understands the needs of today’s global businesses."