How to deal with a business blunder during real-time social media reporting?

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How to deal with a business blunder during real-time social media reporting?

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 06:31
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Heading a business means handling many wanted and unwanted crises situations. While there is no way to avoid these tricky situations, the way you react to them will determine the rate of success or failure of your brand. Taking the wrong step and saying the wrong things can lead to a PR disaster. Imagine turning away your customers, alienating investors and annoying business partners with your inability to choose the right words at the right time.

In truth, PR crisis management has a lot to do with modulating your social media responses and interviews. PR nightmares can become real unless you have the right media trainers to guide you through the situation.

Here are a few things you can do to help your situation right now –

  1. Take responsibility and be proactive

Today, the world is running on real-time reporting and media. It is necessary for you to take responsibility for any action that might have led to this situation. Be transparent about your role, acknowledge the gravity of the incident and apologize to the affected individuals without losing any time. Check out MediaWorks for examples of proactive social media interactions.

  1. Find out whatever you can about the story

When you hear the whispers about your brand or service, find out all you can. Go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Find out what people are saying. Engage in communicating and apologizing immediately.

  1. Humanize your business

While dealing with discontent customers, you must remember to be human. Respond to the basic human emotions of anger, disappointment, and resentment with respect and honesty. Sometimes a simple “sorry” and a refund are all you need to retain customers.

  1. Social media management

Thanks to real-time social media reporting, no debacles are private or low-key anymore. If you ever face a PR fiasco, you can be sure that your other clients, potential customers, competitors and business partners will get to know about it in less than 24 hours. This duration is all about the management of social media and PR. Offer call-to-actions after a formal apology provides compensatory gifts or gift cards, offer something substantial to the audience.

  1. Steer clear of knee-jerk reactions

During these critical moments, you cannot afford knee-jerk reactions. While people will expect you to say something after your company has made a boo-boo, it is not bad for a brand to assume silence on social media during crises. In fact, until you have an idea about the goings on, you should stop all external communication on social networks from all offices. You should only respond with articulate messages that resonate with the reactions of your customers and clients.

Modulating social media interactions during times of crises is not easy, but having media experts on your team can help you find the right response at the right time. No one desires to be the nexus of a scandal, but it is an unavoidable part of every enterprise. Knowing how to deal with social media posts during these scandals will help you more than actively trying to avoid the crises periods at all times.

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