Face-to-face with Samir Bhatt, Author of "Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices"

Samir Bhatt is the author of recently published Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices which provides guidance on how to build and define architecture of high performing Liferay based portal solutions. This is the second book after co-authoring Liferay Beginner’s Guide in 2012.

Samir BhattSamir Bhatt has over 12 years of IT including 4 years of Liferay Portal experience. In addition to authoring this book, Samir has also co-authored Liferay Beginner’s Guide. Samir is a Liferay certified trainer delivering training on Liferay Portals worldwide.

In a recent interview, the author provided the following answers to our questions.

1. This is your second book after co-authoring ‘Liferay Beginner’s Guide’. How is the overall experience?

SB: When I co-authored Liferay Beginner’s Guide, I was a beginner in writing. I used to write blogs but writing books was a different experience. Whatever you write, you need to think from reader’s perspective. That was a different experience.

2. Who should read this book and why?

SB: This book is a must-read for all those who are working on Liferay Portal and have assumed the role of Architect, Designers, Developers and System Administrator. I have worked on Liferay portal since four years. Based on my experience I often find that best practices are ignored during execution of the project. These lead to severe performance issues and additional projects costs. I have shared some key learning on performance best practices that should be followed during various phases of the project including architecture, design, development and load testing. The book will help readers to implement high performing Liferay based portals.

3. What is the difference between co-authoring and independently authoring a book? Any learning you experienced whilst writing process?

New Liferay book

SB: When you co-author a book you are little relaxed comparatively as you need to focus on only certain chapters of the book. But there are different kind of challenges when you co-author a book. You need to ensure your writing is in sync with other co-authors. It’s a team work after all.

4. You are actively contributing to Open Source community via blogs, forums and books authoring. What are the motivating factors that keep you going?

SB: I love working on open source products. It feels great when my blog and forum posts help open source enthusiasts. By sharing knowledge I have through blogs, forums and books I feel connected with open source community.

5. Tell us something about your current projects and assignments.

SB: I am Principal Architect at CIGNEX Datamatics working closely with our CTO, Munwar Shariff, and lead Technology Architecture Group. Additionally, playing an integral role in strategic initiatives at CIGNEX Datamatics including product development, solution accelators, technology research and more. Prior to this, I was leading Liferay Practice with over 200 Liferay consultants.