Ektron, FatWire, ocPortal and Sitecore added to CMS Report's top 30 list

During the past few weeks, I have been quietly updating CMS Report's CMS Focus page. CMS Focus is a list of the top 30 Web applications representing what I see as the Web applications of today and tomorrow which interest me the most. In a world where niche CMS news sites try to cover it all for their readers, I feel one of the strengths of CMSReport.com is limiting our focus on a certain number of CMS. The CMS on this list are applications I recommend site owners first look at before moving into the deeper waters of content management and social software.

Recently added to this list of content management systems are Ektron, FatWire, ocPortal, and Sitecore. The new additions are heavily weighted toward enterprise content management systems and are a reflection of my shifting focus from Web CMS for the Internet to those applications that run on an organization's intranet. Don't worry though, I still plan on talking about some of our favorite Web CMS such as Drupal, Joomla!, mojoPortal, and SilverStripe as I'm broadening not limiting my interests.

I bumped five CMS off the list and placed them into the "Hall of Fame". Those CMS no longer being listed under CMS Focus include SMF, OpenEdit, eGroupWare, e107, and dotCMS.

If you have done the math correctly, you know that I removed five CMS off the list but only added four new CMS to the list. I'm still working on adding one more CMS to the list but haven't made up my mind. Every time I have update CMS Focus there is always someone suggesting a CMS I should really consider adding and perhaps not finishing the list will allow me to keep an open mind. Besides considering readers comments, I will likely also be influenced by the winners in this year's Open Source CMS awards sponsored by Packt Publishing.