CMS Report's Top Ten Content Management Stories of 2013

A constant worry of mine as CMS Report's editor is that we won't have enough articles to publish and give you reason to visit this little site of ours. Luckily, authors and contributors with interest in content management systems constantly prove that such my worries are unnecessary. This year almost 900 articles were submitted to CMS Report. I can't tell you how grateful I am for every article that was submitted to our site. Of those 900 submissions, we deemed only 300 of those articles worthy to publish based on quality of the writing and whether we felt the story was of interest to our readers.

So do you want to know which CMS stories were the best of the best? Below are the top ten stories of 2013 that we posted here at The stories in this list are ranked based on the rate they were viewed since the article first appeared online.

Top Ten Content Management Stories of 2013

  1. Off Topic: Google Nexus 5 APN Settings for Consumer Cellular
  2. End User Perspective: Drupal 8 Begins Making Headlines
  3. Liferay Portal 6.2 Improves Mobility and WEM
  4. Joomla! allows you to go your own way with Joomla Framework 1.0
  5. The Best Drupal and Joomla Comparison of 2013
  6. Top 10 Features Your Enterprise Intranet Can’t Do Without
  7. OpenCms 9 Improves In-Place Editing and Device Support
  8. CEO Corner: Open Source vs. Proprietary CMS
  9. The CMS-Connected Review of Liferay Video
  10. CEO Corner: Analyzing the CMS Analysts: Which one is right for you?

I make no predictions for 2014. I only wish for 2014 to be full of good surprises and a reflection of the hard work the content management community does on behalf of their employers, their clients, and their users. In the end, it's not the software or the articles that matter but the people involved to make this all happen. So as 2013 comes to a close, I wish a Happy New Year to everyone I know as well to everyone I will meet on the road ahead.

Now, it is time to say "hello" to 2014!