CMS Expo: SilverStripe KickStart on Content

John Gregg presenting SilverStripe at CMS Expo 2011

I'm sitting on a session that is geared toward content users working with SilverStripe. John Gregg, SilverStripe Training and Quality Manager, is heading this session. There isn't much new for me in this session, but it has been awhile since I looked at the SilverStripe author user interface. At times, I have considered SilverStripe's UI better than WordPress and thought this session would be a good chance to take a fresh look at the interface/workflow.

This session explains how simple it is to create content for your SilverStripe site. Learn how easy it is for content authors to create various page types, add structure, and upload files or images.

With WYSIWYG and drag & drop functions, site editors have full control over the way they want their content to look without needing to know HTML.

Images and files can be added through a drag & drop interface, and forms, subsites, permissions, and workflow allow the system to be used in large organizations.

Sigurd Magnusson is in the room and he is talking about the upcoming SilverStripe 3.0. Some new things are being added for content authors that has me interested in taking a look at the preview that release. We have the potential of doing an interview with Sigurd and should be able to post the video next week.

I realize this is one short review of the session I'm posting here. My apologies as I had some issues with my laptop while attending this session. The point of this post isn't so much to give you a review of the session as much as to encourage you to check out SilverStripe yourself. This is really one great content management system and I always feel I do a disservice if I don't encourage you to consider Silverstripe. So, do yourself and me a favor and check Silverstripe out today.