CMS Expo: Introducing the Wondercode CMS

One of the benefits of conferences such as last week's CMS Expo are the opportunities to come across content management systems you know nothing about. Such was the case for me when I was introduced to Wondercode, a content management and e-commerce solution developed by a Norwegian company. My introduction to Wondercode was in a showcase session with Sven-Erik Knoff as the presenter. 

Hundreds of corporate and commercial websites run Wondercode, each with their own unique twist and functionality. This panel will go in depth in showing you just how flexible, customizable and powerful Wondercode is

Showcase sessions are good, but they don't always give you a chance to see the backend where users and administrators of a CMS are likely to spend some of their time. Luckily for the audience, the presenter also had time at the end of the session to give us a brief tour of Wondercode's user interface and required workflow.

Sven-Erik Knoff presenting at the Wondercode Showcase session at CMS Expo 2012

Wondercode has been around for awhile in Europe where a number of significant sites run on their CMS. For example, one of the larger sites built on Wondercode is Glamox Luxo Lighting, a leading supplier of lighting solutions to the professional building market. The Glamox Luxo site is a great example of the use of Wondercode's eCommerce features and the CMS's ability to delivering content over multiple channels for multiple languages. This website also shows examples how well Wondercode integrates with third-party applications such as a plug-in that assists customers in selecting the correct lighting products to meet their needs. During the showcase session, several other sites were shown that showed the flexibility site builders and designers have with Wondercode.

I only had a short time with the folks from Wondercode, but to me it's obvious that while Wondercode is a very good Web CMS, is will be Wondercode's eCommerce features that will differentiate the CMS from its competitors.  Wondercode of course will work just fine as a regular CMS and is capable of meeting user needs for corporate use, product catalogs, and multi-regional collaboration, etc. However, it is Wondercode's attention to eCommerce solutions that will likely get it more noticed here in the United States.

With Wondercode’s eCommerce solution your business will be empowered to connect with your consumers regardless of location, time of day, or platform.

One of the things that make our eCommerce solution so incredibly powerful is that there are two ways of managing the store. One is to input all your data about products, images, texts, and descriptions directly into the CMS. The other is to connect and synchronize Wondercode with your ERP or CRM system of choice and manage products from there. There are no limitations to size or scope of product catalogs that can be imported and synchronized.  

Until recently, Wondercode has been an unknown for North American customers with no "official" presence on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. That all changed earlier this year when Wondercode opened an office in New York. According to Sven-Erik, Wondercode is aggressively looking for partners to work with them and clients here in the United States. So if you're in the business of building sites for clients you may want take them up on their invitation to become a Wondercode partner. This CMS and its parent company is serious about pushing Wondercode internationally and it might be in your best interest to see if their CMS is a perfect fit for you and your clients.