Choosing the Best USB C Cable by Knowing the Essentials about it

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Choosing the Best USB C Cable by Knowing the Essentials about it

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 06:13
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Buying a USB C cable is a matter of confusion to the non-tech people usually, which can be simplified if you know a few basics about it. From its first implementation back in 1996, USB standards have changed a lot over time. However, USB, as a global standard alternative to the then existing many connectivity protocols has made revolutionary changes over time, and now you may not find any electronic gadgets without a USB port of any category pre-installed on it.


USB-C is one of that specific standard under universal serial bus concept, which makes the connector cables, USB plugs, and connectors much smarter. USB C was first introduced back in 2014, which is a standard set of rules for a combined 24-pin plug, which is reversible to connect to any of the existing USB systems.

Some of the preset connections inside USB C ports are to tell which way the cable plugs in and others are for standard data transfer and power sharing. The design is made smarter that both sides are allowed to talk to each other and ensure that the right amount of current is passed through to power a device.

Even though it was released in tune USB 3.1 version, USB-C rules were only meant for physical connections whereas other rules handled the data speeds. You may identify USB-C as a typical set of rules which make more smarter and flexible cables, plugs, and USB connectors. Let's see how to find the best USB C cable for your use.

USB-C specifications

Buying appropriate USB-C cable for your device is a must or else you will e damaging the ports or even cause short-circuit and fire. USB-C is also equipped with a fast-charge option for charging one device by connecting to another safely with a dedicated powering connection channel.

There is also an open specification for anyone alter the cable to suit their specific needs and many smartphone companies now taking advantage of these features by making their phones smart multi-purpose gadgets for the users. When looking to buy USB-C cables matching to your specifications, there are a few things to note.

Always buy USB-C of a reputable brand

There are many ultra-cheap cables to buy online at the major stores, and we may tempt to buy them at the first point. However, it is not the best idea to always go with the cheapest while purchasing products like USB-C. It was okay to go with any random products with the older USB-B type micro standards we used previously for the smartphones and other gadgets. There was only low current, and low voltage sent over the same pin always, and the cable was also functioning just in one direction. However, with the updated standards, it has been changed with the need for faster charging.

If your phone is featuring USB-C port, then you need to first look at the manual or online brochure to see how to use the port in a compliant manner. If there is a need to buy an external cable, there are third-party cables which are of high quality and follows the specifications to be safely used for your phone. For this always check the compliant devices list when you are considering USB-C cables online.

Image Source: Denvit via Pixabay - CC0 Creative Commons