Celebrus Optimizes Digital Marketing with Adobe Experience Cloud Integration

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Celebrus Optimizes Digital Marketing with Adobe Experience Cloud Integration

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 04:59
  • Latest Celebrus update augments leading digital marketing platform with streaming customer data:
  • Enables flow of highest quality customer data for true 1-to-1 marketing.
  • Connections to industry-leading decisioning engines facilitate optimized next-best-actions via Adobe applications.
  • Integration reduces data collection costs with patented tagging-free approach.

Sunbury-on-Thames, 8th May 2018: D4t4 Solutions Plc recently announced general availability for the latest release of its leading Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP). This release includes specific features for Adobe Experience Cloud users that enable enterprises to drive more value from their marketing cloud investment.

Streaming of experience data to augment behaviour data

The new Celebrus Adobe Connector streams customer behaviour and experience data in real-time, allowing Adobe Experience Cloud clients to create genuine 1-to-1 personalisation and more immediate customer experiences. It does this by augmenting the data collected by Adobe Analytics, specifically through customisation of the events gathered by Adobe to enable more granular Celebrus customer data to be provided alongside. This means that in addition to the behaviour data already collected by Adobe, Celebrus provides detailed experience data on top that delivers unrivalled insight into the context of customer interactions on digital channels.

Real-time data delivery for rapid next-best-actions

The Celebrus Adobe Connector also accelerates the availability of this data to other Adobe Experience Cloud applications. In doing so, Celebrus enables millisecond-speed data that can be used to power more rapid next-best-actions from Adobe applications or from other leading decisioning platforms with which those applications might be integrated.

Configuration assistance for simplified implementation

Finally, Celebrus streamlines the process of implementation by providing assistance to Adobe users in correctly configuring their applications to receive data from Celebrus. This not only helps to reduce the overall cost of capturing customer interaction data but also simplifies this crucial stage in making that data available to the multiple lines of business that can best drive value from it.

D4t4 Solutions’ Chief Data Officer, Matthew Tod, commented: “Our focus is on helping Celebrus clients to deepen engagement with their customers by creating opportunities for true personalisation and better 1-to-1 marketing. Celebrus accelerates – to genuine real-time – the availability of customer behaviour data to Adobe Experience Cloud applications and adds richer experience data without the need for time-wasting tagging. This enables the enterprises that we work with to capitalize on their Adobe investment and drive more value through their businesses by using the very best customer data available.”

The Celebrus Adobe Connector is part of the latest release of the Celebrus Customer Data Platform, Version 8 Update 19. This release is available immediately for new and existing Celebrus clients.