The Best Business Management Software in 2019

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The Best Business Management Software in 2019

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 16:55

It's no secret that technology is a vital asset of every company these days no matter the company's size. Every business, ranging from startups to enterprise businesses, leverages technology in one way or another, in order to improve their business efficiency and overall performance.

What's more, as technology continues to advance, so does the modern software become more sophisticated with additional features implemented to suit business needs. These innovations help companies manage their business tasks and operations in a reliable and seamless way.

As you may already know, there are various different types of software available on the market and each one has some unique feature or benefit. The key is choosing the right tools for your company – the ones that will suit your business needs. That being said, here is some of the best business management software in 2019.

Best tool for smaller teams

When it comes to small businesses, choosing the right management software can be a real pain. Many tools offer enterprise-level features that small businesses with 20+ people in their teams simply don't have much use for. What's more, more features mean extra costs, which also may not suit a small business budget. Fortunately, there's a solution for everything on the market.

Business management software such as Wrike is an ideal tool for small companies. This tool allows you to manage multiple projects, teams and custom workflows efficiently. Its unique feature is that you can create, customize and assign an ideal workflow process for each team within your company. Wrike also provides numerous other benefits, such as project management, time tracking, collaboration features, file and document sharing among other things.

Handling customers with care

Customer service is one of the most important business factors today. Every business that has clients or customers knows how important it is for business success to ensure customer satisfaction and provide them with a seamless experience. When it comes to business management, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature is extremely important. Tools such as Bitrix24 will aid you greatly when it comes to customer care.

This tool may seem like a CRM only but it has other tools and features that will give you a hand in managing business tasks. What's more, there's a completely free option if you lack the resources to purchase it. A few of the main features provided by this tool are: batch communication with customers, chat messaging, email distribution, personalized communication and so on. In addition, Bitrix24 features customer feedback management, segmentation, email, marketing and social media integration among other valuable characteristics.

Property management

Businesses specializing in real estate have different business management processes from commercial businesses. In this modern day and age, real estate businesses need to manage tenants, vacancies, payments, properties and other important factors. In order to achieve that, these businesses require reliable property management software. Speaking of which, management software comes in form of helping you manage just a few properties to managing well over 50 real estate properties.

Based on your business and the number of properties you manage, it's very important to choose the right software. The tools that provide automated communication, accounting features and cloud-based management software will suit most of your needs. However, the key is in researching the right software based on your business, as well as the country you operate in.

Bookkeeping and accounting

Managing business operations is meaningless if you neglect the financial point of view. This is especially true when preparing your business taxes filings. Many companies either forget to prepare the right documentation or they forget about tax returns and deductions, only to end up losing more money than they should. Also, tracking business incomes and expenses in order to maintain positive cash flow is crucial for company's financial stability.

Therefore, if you have financial issues, you should consider management software that focuses on bookkeeping and accounting. For instance, tools such as FreshBooks can help you craft reports from its dashboard and also create documents, such as a balance sheet, general ledger and so on. Also, tools such as QuickBooks can help you with accounts payable and accounts receivable, allowing you to track invoices and prepare taxes.

Management for individual entrepreneurs

Individual entrepreneurs or solopreneurs also have to struggle with managing their business operations. Today, when mentioning solopreneurs, it's not just about individual business owners but also about freelancers as well. If you're on your own in the business world, tools such as have got you covered.

This tool is designed to help individuals such as freelancers or consultants improve their efficiency, quality and accountability through time tracking, task management, contact management and billing tracking. In addition, it's completely free. If you wish to stand out among the competitors and improve your transparency, might be an ideal solution for you.

Today, technology is crucial for running a successful business. Software that's available today to business owners can vastly improve your company's efficiency. However, the trick is to opt for the right software that will not only suit your company's needs but also help you manage your business properly.