Amazing CRO Tactics Your SaaS Business Should Be Using

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Amazing CRO Tactics Your SaaS Business Should Be Using

Wed, 04/08/2020 - 07:10
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To attract new customers and gain a competitive advantage, most SaaS companies offer free trials. Unfortunately, free trials usually don’t convert as expected. The majority of users signing up for your free trial will not turn into paying customers later.

To convert your leads into loyal customers, you need to focus on building strong and meaningful relationships with them. Here are a few conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics every SaaS company should apply.

Invest in Social Proof

In digital marketing, social proof is not a new concept. This is a theory that individuals trust more and adopt the opinions of the masses. Statistics prove the same. Most online users, for example, look for online customer reviews or rely on influencers’ tips when making purchasing decisions. 

One of the most effective ways to implement social proof into your CRO strategy is to let your customers tell their experiences with your SaaS product. There are numerous ways SaaS companies can use social proof and here are some of them.

Show Customer Data in Real-Time 

To build trust with your prospective customers, you need to tell them how many people have been already signing up for your free trials or purchasing your services. This is where investing in a conversion rate optimization tool can help. For example, social proof tools like Cue will inform you about your SaaS leads and purchases over the last week or month. This information will show up in a tiny popup at the bottom of the page and it will constantly get updated. Showing real-time user data on your website will help you build more transparent relationships with your potential customers, trigger their fear of missing out, and inspire them to purchase from your faster.

Show Customer Reviews 

Like I have mentioned above, give your customers word. For starters, you could list your software on numerous review platforms. In the SaaS environment, some of these sites are G2 Crowd, GetApp, Capterra, Software Advice, SaaSGenius, and TrustRadius. Encourage customers to rate and review your SaaS product. This is one of the most reliable ways to gain the trust of users that are comparing different SaaS solutions and relying on other people’s experiences. To motivate people to review you, you could even provide incentives.

Display Customer Testimonials

Apart from customer reviews and ratings, you should also encourage customers to write testimonials and publish them on your website. You could add them to your homepage or even on your Services page to build trust with prospective customers. To humanize testimonials, add a customer’s photo and location. Some big brands like HubSpot are creating testimonial videos to make them more personal and engaging.

Write Case Studies

Case studies are more detailed and informative than testimonials. The purpose of a case study or a customer success story is to highlight the problem a customer faced before trying your SaaS product, as well as show how your product helped them solve these problems. Case studies should be comprehensive, supported by fresh data, statistics, and metrics. 

Personalize User Experiences

Any successful CRO strategy is data-oriented. This means that, when signing up, you should collect all important information about your customers and use it to provide highly personalized services. Here is how to provide targeted customer experiences.

Personalize Free Trials

By collecting customer data and personalizing your free trials, you will meet users’ needs, address their problems more effectively and, above all, prove that you care about their unique needs. Many SaaS companies are adopting this approach. For example, when registering on Wistia, the form will ask you what your main goal is – to grow your business using video marketing, control access to your videos, create high-quality videos, sell video services, and so forth. While this is a chance for users to learn more about the options this tool offers, Wistia can easier personalize their trial and adapt the funnel to each user’s needs.

Send Triggered Emails

Of course, the process of personalization should not stop once a user signs up for a free trial. The next step is tracking users’ behaviors and using this data to provide customized experiences. This is where having a solid email marketing campaign shines. 

If you are already sending welcome emails and promoting your new product features regularly, the next step is sending triggered emails. Their major benefit lies in the fact that they are highly personalized, as they are based on your customers’ data. For example, if a customer has achieved a particular milestone or they haven’t been using your app for a few days, let them know. Give them a reason to keep using your SaaS product regularly. 

Keep Educating Customers

Always keep in mind that not all signups are from the people that fully understand how your product works. To improve their experiences and provide seamless user experiences, you need to keep educating them through high-quality content.

Start from your blog. Create informative, data-oriented, and authoritative content that delivers value to your audiences. Each post you create should include detailed explanations and screenshots, as well as be written in a simple, easily understandable language. There are different types of content to create, including informative articles, how-to guides, whitepapers, and infographics. 

Apart from your blog, you should also create a solid knowledge base. While chatbots and live chat options are flourishing, more and more customers are turning to self-service options. That is why you need to help them find the right information on your website fast. Provide detailed help articles, how-to guides, and tutorials. You could also create video tutorials to make your Help section more engaging. For instance, Wrike creates amazing video tutorials and classifies them by the topic and purpose so everyone can find what they are looking for faster.

Building Meaningful Relationships Based on Trust Is Key in the SaaS Landscape

In the highly competitive SaaS environment, improving conversion rates is critical to any company’s success. If you want to gain a competitive advantage, you need to bring value to your target audience and keep engaging them continuously. Connect with them on a personal level. Highlight your existing customers’ experiences. Explain how different you are from your rivals. 

Your goal should not be to encourage customers to give you credit card information and start paying you once the free trial is over. Instead, you want your SaaS product to become an inseparable part of their lives, something they cannot live without. And, I hope the tips provided above will help you. 


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