5 Simple Tricks and Tips for Using Instagram for Promotions

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5 Simple Tricks and Tips for Using Instagram for Promotions

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 06:14
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Instagram is not just a personal image-sharing site, but it can also be a serious business tool.

We all know that Instagram was originally intended as a photo-sharing site. Anyone can start an account to upload photos and to share it with the world. However, Instagram is not just a personal image-sharing site, but it can also be a serious business tool offering plenty of features. This articles is an attempt to offer you professional tips and tricks you can try on Instagram for ecommerce and business promotions.

1. Save Original Instagram Photos

Usually the social media applications to share images and videos do it by compressing the images. Compressed images may use only lesser data, which makes is for the users to access it. However, some people don’t want to compromise on their original images. For them, there is an easy method introduced by Instagram for the users to save the original images. This feature can be selected from the options menu.

2. Keeping your account private

If you are aiming only at specific targeted people to share your pictures, you can custom set it on Instagram. When you open an account, all your post may be set for public, which you need to custom set as private. By adjusting privacy settings, it will allow you to be in charge of the people who can be allowed to follow you and restrict whom you don’t want to be your real Instagram followers. Go to the options menu at your profile page and turn on the Private Account option to activate this setting.

3. Data saving on Instagram

In most of the countries, data is still a pricey affair and most of the users want to save on data. An ideal solution on Instagram is to go to the options menu and just click on the Cellular Data use tab. There you can select the option of Use Less Data, which will further enable low data browsing on Instagram.

4. Adding proper hashtags after posting

What are you to do if you want to add a hashtag after uploading your images? Instagram will not allow you to edit text after you've published a post like you can in Facebook. So, if you missed a hashtag, what you can do is to add those hashtags in the comment box below the post. These will the same way as the hashtags you put on the description.

5. Do Geo-tagging

Along with the images you clicked, most of the times, the place will be as important as the picture is. You may find people asking about it again and again if you post a beautiful photo with an admirable background. To avoid having to answer this question, you should geo-tag the images. It is simply tagging the picture with the location where you took it. Simply select the option of Photo Map when you upload a photo and you can see the place where it is clicked.

Bonus Tip

Write once, read many.  If you are planning promotions through Instagram, you most likely want to also link your Instagram account with all your social media accounts. By doing this, each of your posts will be reaching different social media platforms, which will largely help your promotional efforts and give you the needed mileage on social media.

Author Bio: Walter Moore is a well-established digital marketer with one of the leading mobile application development companies. He has extensive knowledge in social marketing, especially gaining and marketing to followers for Instagram.