5 CMS Alternatives to WordPress

Hand pushing WordPress logo aside

Many say that WordPress is one of the most well-known open-source systems to manage a website. There are more than 9000 templates and 40.000+ plugins for WordPress. Nevertheless, popularity doesn’t guarantee a high level of efficiency.

To provide yourself with proper tools, allowing to create a truly useful and engaging website for personal need, you must first find and install needed add-ons, because there are simply no good plugins installed by default.

Though the WordPress plugins market is enormously large, the number of add-ons you can trust leaves much to be desired. That’s why WordPress has peculiar security vulnerabilities. In addition, some actions in WordPress require PHP, CSS & HTML knowledge.

WordPress updates its software quite regularly, but it’s a sweaty process to renew your content management system. In order to prevent content losses, you have to create a backup for your website. After updating own WordPress theme a user has to make sure that all plugins work correctly because some add-ons can not be optimized as fast as the system itself.

Searching for a CMS for your online business, you should admit that WordPress is not a perfect system. Some of its disadvantages seem ridiculous in 2017. There are a lot of great alternatives to WordPress with much more modernized, safe and simple functionality to build a website easy and fast.


Wix offers pro developers own open SDK platform, allowing every expert to code with no limits. It has also a drag-n-drop editor that is so simple that even a kid can create an original design for a personal website without any troubles.

Like WordPress, Wix has an app marketplace with both free and premium plugins that can simplify your website customization. The pricing contains a few plans with free secure hosting and other features.


MotoCMS is a responsive website builder with a rich collection of tools and widgets to provide non-professionals with everything they need for successful website management. One of the benefits of purchasing this web editor is that you don’t have to pay more. MotoCMS Website Creator contains the basic tool set for your website to be fast, beautiful and profitable without any additional charges or fees.

MotoCMS is a great choice for web developers. This WYSIWYG platform will save much your time due to a very intuitive interface. You can also join the special program for developers. Among the benefits is advanced tech.support, discounts on templates, free website installation and more.


Squarespace is another good alternative to WordPress. The Squarespace website builder has modern design and simple control panel, allowing a user to personalize own website template with common drag-n-drop functionality. Compared to WordPress, Squarespace's collection of websites is much poorer, but it contains some pretty impressive designs that wait for your content to be uploaded.

Squarespace provides its customers with different pricing, including plans with different features that depend on your website project: business or personal. Both plans include free support, powerful metric tools, integrated e-commerce platform and more. Note that if you want to have a custom domain with Squarespace, you have to pay an annual fee.


LightCMS offers responsive templates with design editor and code access. This content management system has a high level of usability thanks to easy-to-use interface and its minimalistic design. The LightCMS team integrated into the system the e-commerce mode. A user can switch between two modes, clicking on the button in the top.

The LightCMS website selection is, unfortunately, smaller than the collections of its rivals. But the cool thing is that you can try to customize different custom templates without leaving the website builder. It’s really handy when you customize a bunch of templates per day.


Weebly is another way to make a website without any professional assistance. This WYSIWYG website builder has drag-and-drop, a built-in platform for eCommerce to manage everything from checkout to shipping and app center with fee-based and free applications for your website customization. The app market includes tools for marketing, eCommerce, social media, and communication. Developers from Weebly paid careful attention to apps by putting the Apps button right on the toolbar.

If you are so busy that you are ready to work even with your smartphone, Weebly has an app for you. It's available for iPod, iPhone, and Android. In some cases, an app can be really useful. For example, when you are a blogger or an entrepreneur.

That’s Only a Part of The Story

WordPress is not the only option to make an own website. There are hundreds of companies that offer software for website building and management. The systems I mentioned in this post are only a drop in the bucket. If you are serious about making a website or websites, just search a bit and you will definitely find your favorite drop in this bucket.