4 Important Reasons to Not Buy Facebook Likes

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4 Important Reasons to Not Buy Facebook Likes

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 17:53
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Buying the likes for the growth of your Facebook page can be tempting but comes with consequences

Facebook has been a great source for people who want to grow their business all around the world through social media. There are other mediums as well but Facebook has been the ultimate way of finding the right audience at the right time and in the right place. To build an audience on the social networking site buying can be a very great option which one won’t be able to resist. There is no doubt that everyone wants followers and likes on their pages that would help them get their audiences intrigued. This is the basic relationship building of the people with the page on Facebook.

There are many ways through which one can buy Facebook likes and can get the benefits of it but has anyone wondered about what is the main reason of the people providing the Facebook likes and how they can make fool out of you by showing you the dreams or by promising you fake promises. There are many brands that easily get trapped by such people who offer such deals and promises of instant growth and likes on their page and artificial followers count. This can deeply affect the originality and the essence of the page of the brand and there are other several reasons which have proven to be true.

Here are some reasons to convince people that don’t buy Facebook likes:

1. It lowers the brand integrity

The process of buying the followers and the likes is not an easy task, it involves certain complications and can happen overnight by springing into thousands. The main question arises here is that what if the new follower who has recently viewed your page gets to find that you just have 39 likes on your post where as you have 5000 followers. It would definitely lower the integrity of your brand and will cost you way too much in future with new genuine followers.

It can affect your efforts and also it can arise the question of the brand authenticity. These pages do not provide you the genuine followers and likes. And if once you have lied about the one aspect of your company or page that it will lead the people questioning to the rest of the aspects that how they can trust?

2. Fake likes mean low impressions

When you opt for buying Facebook likes it is obvious that you will be getting fake likes which means it is not real and is all fake. These are mostly held by the bots or scams accounts which are created very specifically to attract the followers and the likes. There is a Facebook algorithm which analyzes the quality of the post which helps them to shut out the actual and the real posts which have overall genuine engagements including the percentage of the people who liked your post, who shared it or who reacted to it by liking, commenting or clicking etc. Facebook knows that there are hundreds of Facebook users who are inactive and it affects this effects on their posts as they are shown to lesser people or audience. The content is better when you are more active on Facebook with lesser of the people following.

3. It is a sheer waste of money

These Facebook likes are a complete waste of ad money spent by the people who want someone to see their hard work and the useful content on the larger scale. But these likes and impressions on the pages received are completely fake and are seen by the people who are least interested. These are paid likes and when you go for buying the likes or followers on Facebook you limit your content for the future to reach out the interested audience.

This is a complete scam and people should be aware of it. It is better to choose Facebook marketing; though it can be a slow process or can take a bit longer to reach out the number of the audience it will help you in getting your content to the real and targeted audience or users. This is the way out which can give a kick to your brand and not spending money on fake likes.

4. Platforms outlaw it

There is a policy of the social platforms which outlaws and forbids the buying likes or the followers. If you haven’t been caught then you must get aware of it because you might get caught soon. There are some guidelines which can help in detecting whether the page has fake or genuine like. So, the audience gets safe on this part.

That's all!

Buying the likes for the growth of your Facebook page can be tempting but this is not the worth of your content and the hard work. So, don’t buy Facebook likes and don’t get into the trap of the spammers.

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