Challenges of Blogging

John Newton, Alfresco co-founder, is a man I have never met.  Regardless of this important fact, I feel like I have gotten to know a small part of him through his blog.  While Newton's blog may focus on Alfresco, his posts offers a wide range of insights on subjects such as commercial open source, content management,  enterprise software,  business processes, and information technology.  So if you have any idea of who I am through my own writings  it

Surprise! An osCommerce Online Merchant Release Candidate

Good news for osCommerce fans, osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 Release Candidate 1 was released early this month.  If you're not an osCommerce user you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about a release candidate for the open source shopping cart.  Consider this, osCommerce 2.2 first went public with Milestone 1 in early 2003 which means that the version 2.2 will be around for almost five years before it is considered "completed".  In other words, an update of any kind to osCommerce is significant to it's developers and users alike.

This osCommerce release candidate also introduces a new name for the software titled "osCommerce Online Merchant".  According to osCommerce, the new name helps strengthen their presence and marketing efforts for upcoming releases.

Getting more work done through less innovation

The biggest reward I get from working on IT projects is the opportunity to take new ideas and new strategies and piece them together into something that has never been done before.  Even when I'm not the one originating the new idea, I like helping other innovative people bring their ideas to the table.  I have ideas, dreams, and aspirations to help take my workplace to the next level of where it should be via innovative use of what I know best, information technology.  How could innovation and all these wonderful ideas I have in my head not be anything but a good thing for my organization?

GLORIAD: CMS in Review

I came across a well written summary of content management applications (especially open source CMS) via a Security Blog over at GLORIAD. The CMS article is a near perfect overview on the state of CMS in 2007. This article is a "must read" in my opinion and it's really too bad I didn't write it first. Can you tell I'm envious?

At the end of the article the author concludes:

The World loves CMS, CMS Report loves Singapore

I must confess, I really don't fully understand how the Internet ranking systems actually work.  Ranking systems such as Google's PageRank and Alexa's Traffic Rankings seem to use a mystery of statistical analysis, algorithms, and a sprinkle of voodoo calculus to come up with the numbers they do.  Although most people lack the understanding to how these numbers are derived it is still fun to watch those rankings change from day to day.  For example, since the Fall of 2006 I've seen the rankings for change from

Discussing CMS requirements, file handling, and document management

Recently, I read some good posts regarding content management systems (CMS) on a few blogs I visit almost daily.  The posts have had me thinking and reflecting in general about CMS.  However, I won't talk too much about them so you get a chance to go on and read the articles yourself.  The first post comes from and the second post from Gadgetopia.

A review of ReviewBasics

Collaboration.  Everyone wants to do it better.  Collaboration.  Everyone wants to find that perfect online tool which can support needed communication necessary for good collaboration .  Collaboration.  Every company in the business wants to provide you their tool to help you make collaboration work for you.

Perhaps ReviewBasics might be just the communication tool you're looking for to meet your collaboration requirements.  Tim Shih, SharpStyle Labs, has been wanting me to take a look at their collaboration feedback tool, ReviewBasics.   Mr. Shih writes: